Hello. I’m Tess, I’m 20, soon to be 21, my mum is Dutch and my dad is English, and there is also tall little brother in the family. We all spend the best part of most days around our hob, shouting at each other about how large the carrots should be chopped and never being drowned out by the beeping of a microwave as we just don’t have one. Both my parents are Italian at heart, and also have a soft spot for French food. The Mediterranean theme continues with the fact that- before moving to uni in Loughborough to study English and Drama- I lived on the island of Cyprus for the majority of my life, which means anything with feta in it makes me smile.

I hope that over the course of this blog I will be able to bring across the passion I have for all things edible, and maybe over the course of this blog I will be able to help out one or two of you who, like me, sometimes wants a little bit more out of their evening meal. I wouldn’t use the phrase ‘bored of food,’ but I think through this medium I will be challenged to be a little bit more adventurous with my cooking and so that ‘boredom’ won’t return.

Let’s find out.

The idea is to do a few food reviews of restaurants or other food-related services, and, of course, a few recipes.

Any constructive feedback is welcome! I hope you all enjoy.