So I am not going to lie to you, this recipe is going to be very vague, and I am probably aiming it at more experienced chefs. This is because I do not measure out my ingredients for pancakes, I play it by sight and thickness! However, if you are interested, please do let me know if you would prefer me to measure everything out for you properly.


  • Plain flour
  • Medium eggs
  • Milk
  • Butter


  1. Heat a medium sized pan, on a medium heat. Make sure you do this whilst mixing the rest, here’s why:

TIP: If you only preheat your pan for a short while, the first pancake will take ages to cook and look beautiful, and the rest of the pancakes will take a shorter and shorter time to bake and may end up looking lovely and black. Trust me – I know.

2. Beat 2 eggs

3.  Add some milk, I would say enough to make the batter a yellow-er colour (rather than egg-yolk-orange).

4. Add plain flour until it’s the consistency you want. The batter should be a relatively pale yellow colour.

TIP: More flour if you want small American-style pancakes, less flour if you want it to be more like a crepe – it will run around the pan easier and so create that thin layer.

5. Take a knob of butter with a knife and using the knife swirl it around the base of the pan so it becomes non-stick. Make sure you don’t scratch your pan with the knife, it hardly has to touch.

6. Pour in some batter. I like a medium-thickness pancake the size of the pan, so I pour some in and then lift the pan, tipping it so the batter runs around.

7. Wait until you see the top is lightly cooked, and then flip over.

pancakes 1

Disclaimer – I have not been paid to show these brands in my pictures, these are just what I eat. I am not trying to make anyone buy anything.


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