Review: Fernandez, Loughborough – 4/5

So I have another review for y’all. Hopefully I will start getting recipes up soon, so that you can actually make some stuff and you’re not just living through my taste-buds. I hope that will get sorted as soon as I have my photography sorted.

On to Fernandez! I am not going to lie to you, this is one of my favourite places to eat, and I have been many times. The vibes inside the restaurant are great, and the food never fails to please me. I have never been disappointed here, and really would recommend it to anyone. They have a branch in Loughborough, but also in Leicester. Their food is healthy and super tasty. They also have a great £6 before 6pm deal where you can get 1/2 a chicken, burger, pitta or wrap + a side + a drink for £6 (on a weekday) before 6pm. What’s not to love.

We went recently for dinner, which we managed to get for free for winning a competition, so that was great. I ordered what I usually order, which is chicken in a wrap or pitta, with a side of fries and a bottomless soft drink. They have a system (similar to Nandos) where you can choose how spicy/ what sauce you would like your chicken to be marinaded in. I personally prefer ‘Gazebo’ because you can taste the marinade, but it has a nice kick to it, where ‘Medium’ is just a little bit too hot for my taste. As per usual, my meal was lovely. We also got a side of cheesy garlic bread. Unfortunately, the garlic bread leaves a lot to be desired: the bread isn’t crisp, and it’s not as garlicky as you would hope for. The chips are delicious, if a little underdone. I do really miss having a plate, and I find that the tray is unnecessary for this small a meal. It feels a bit like a school dinner, and I would prefer to feel a little bit more formal, especially at dinner time. Final negative point would be the wrap: the last mouthful was only bready-wrap which was quite gluey and difficult to work through. I would give my meal (without the garlic bread) a 4/5.


The other meal we ordered was a more adventurous one: a 8oz fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and sweet potato fries. The steak was cooked well according to instruction, and melted in the mouth. It was well seasoned, and the peppercorn sauce really worked with the steak. The salad wasn’t ordered, it was an extra, and although perhaps a little basic, worked well with what was given. I find that sweet potato fries soon get a bit much, and you can see from the pictures that Fernandez really load up trays with the fries of any kind. A lovely meal and another 4.5/5.


For dessert, which I unfortunately do not have a picture for, we ordered a ‘Brownie Bomb’ which is just a large glass mug filled with brownies, vanilla ice-cream and fudge sauce. It’s big, so I recommend sharing, and really does what it says on the tin. If you have space for it I recommend it, but it’s nothing special. 3/5.

Whilst the meals we had were lovely, there have been a few VERY average sides or starters that we have had. Firstly, their ‘Mediterranean tear ‘n’ share’, which was very bland, and filling. The bread was neither ‘crisp’ nor ‘cheesey’ and we couldn’t really dip the foccacia in the dips they provided. 2/5

Although this time I had a wrap, I usually get a pitta. The only real difference between the two is distribution: the salad and mayonnaise are along the whole of the wrap, whereas it is all on the bottom of the pitta, obviously due to how they assemble each meal. I think I personally prefer the wrap for this reason; if only the last bite wasn’t so difficult to get through!

I also have tried their ‘cookie dough’ dessert before. Now, I know that cookie dough is not meant to be cooked, but I had a problem with the white chocolate and macadamia nut version: it was very floury. You know what I mean; it sticks your teeth together and feels sort of like you’re trying to eat sand. I did not enjoy, nor could I finish, this dessert, but I am willing to concede it might be a one-off problem. 1.5-2/5.

All in all, this restaurant has some loyal customers. The wait staff are incredibly friendly, the prices are very reasonable, and the food is generally reliably delicious. They have caribbean music playing, and guitars hung on the wall. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to eat out without spending too much money or doesn’t want to get too dressed up, but wants excellent, healthy food. Overall, 4/5.

Here is the Fernandez website:

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional food writer or critic (a girl can dream). I just write down my personal thoughts and opinions. I do not wish to offend anyone, nor am I being paid for this post. It is merely here for your enjoyment and, perhaps, enlightenment.

The cover picture of the front of the Fernandez Loughborough restaurant was taken from here: where you might also find some useful reviews.


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