Recipe – Wraps!

Wraps are a great, easy meal. I call them wraps because I don’t want to have any sort of claim that they’re anything like Mexican Fajitas or Burritos or anything like that. They’re just simple, wrapped and delicious. The best part about this recipe is that really you can put anything in a wrap, so it’s great for leftovers. However, this is my base recipe, let me know if you try it, and what your swap-ins are!

Ingredients (for two)

  • 4 medium size wraps I use seeded ones for extra texture, but plain is fine
  • 3 chicken thighs chopped in to bite size pieces
  • spinach or any leafy vegetable
  • 1 red pepper chopped in to bite size pieces
  • spring onion or normal onion
  • cumin along with salt and pepper
  • salsa recipe below, or shop-bought is fine
  • sour cream or natural yogurt
  • guacamole recipe below, or shop bought is fine
  • cheese grated


  1. First, you’re going to need to make a pan pretty hot, with a splash of oil in it. Enough so that the chicken doesn’t stick to the pan (you can always add more later)
  2. Chuck the chopped chicken in the pan when it’s nice and hot, and make sure you cook it well.
  3. When the chicken is browned (doesn’t really have to be cooked through just yet) throw in your red peppers. Make sure you cover both the chicken and red pepper in cumin. I love cumin so really it’s never enough for me, but you can sprinkle in enough for your taste. I would go with about a tablespoon and a half if you’re unsure. Also, season with salt and pepper.
  4. Cook both until the chicken is well done (no pink!) and the red pepper is soft.
  5. Whilst this is cooking, put 4 wraps on a plate and microwave for max 30 seconds, or, wrap in foil and put in the oven until warm.

Tip: warming up the wraps means that they’re easier to roll and fold later.

6. Take your wraps and start to build them! Put your spinach or other leaves in first, then your chicken and red pepper mix. I then cover in salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. The chopped up spring onion/onion is the cherry on the cake.

7. Wrap up. This is how I wrap mine, but there are so many different ways. Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Excuse the drawing, I got excited.


Here are some ideas for substituting ingredients in, depending on what you like:

Chicken: any meat would do here, and any Quorn meat (vegetarian protein meat-replacement) would work here too.

Spinach: you don’t need to be a chef to figure this one out, lettuce of any kind will work just as well

Red pepper: I have used all kinds of vegetables before, sweetcorn, mushrooms, raw tomatoes. Just remember that a wrap is a messy food and small foods might fall out.

Cumin: I know a lot of people who prefer the contents of their wraps to be more saucy. A thick tomato-based sauce with spices in it can also be delicious. Just fry chopped onions, tomato puree and tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce if you have any, cumin, salt and pepper, my father’s recipe.

Salsa and Guacamole

Although when I am lazy I just buy salsa and guacamole, it isn’t half as satisfying as when you’ve made it yourself. Here are some quick recipes that work, if you have the time.

Salsa – chop onions, tomatoes, chillies (if you prefer) and some basil as chunky or as fine as you prefer. Cooking really is a preference game. Mix all together with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Guacamole – mash avocado and mix with chopped onions and some lemon juice. Add chopped tomato, and many like coriander with it although I’m not a fan. Add a pinch of chilli powder, salt and pepper, and you’re all set.


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